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``Our`` Passion is what made us World's Best in our Launch Year

The Oasis Group of Companies’ is a fast growing conglomerate having diversified business operations in the field of Distilleries, Breweries, Hospitality, Diamonds, Exports and Government Contracts.


OPM Triple Distilled Luxury Spirited Russian Vodka

Launched Now

Winner of Best Pure Neutral Vodka in 2016 from World Vodka Awards in London, UK.

The World's Best Vodka is now available in New Delhi and Gurgaon. Coming soon to London, UK


Bottles Sold Daily


Presence in Cities


Award won


OPM 750ml Luxury Spirited Russian Vodka

The Russian legacy so crafted is bottled in printed Premium Crafted Designer bottles thereby further enhancing its brand value and overall presentation.

Opm Vodka Manufacturing Process

Russian Legacy in the Making

The choicest Trippled Distilled Grain Neutral Spirits goes into the making of this special blend of Vodka and the so suitably identified spirit is pushed & passed through SILVER FILTRATION to further enhance its aroma, taste, mouthfeel and overall drinking experience. Through this method of Silver Filtration , carbon acts not as a sorbent, but as a catalyst of redox reactions that translates into the taste and flavor of OPM Vodka


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OPM Triple Distilled Luxury Spirited Russian Vodka has been inspired out of pure Russian Folklore and Legacy.

Such is the popularity of a Russian Vodka, that people
who hardly know to identify “Russia” on the map and people outside Russia, know the word Vodka without any efforts.
Like Scotch is to Scotland, Vodka is typically Russian, although many countries have come out of their own Vodkas.

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